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Hi there!

You’ve arrived at our hub for all manner of jobs. Every year we recruit hundreds people across our resort team staff, event staff and head office. However we also know that many of you out there are keen to hear about more opportunities beyond the world of Wasteland Ski.

That’s why we’ve set up this hub. It’s a space where companies, brands, charities and otherwise can feature their job opportunities for you the Wasteland Community, to check out. See something that takes your fancy? Something that fits your needs? Something you’d love to do?

Go for it!

If there’s nothing currently available, then check back from time to time. We’ll also post on social media when new jobs are featured.

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Are you a company within the winter sports industry? Or an events company looking for new talent?

Whether you are an upcoming clothing brand, a long standing ski manufacturer or a bar in the mountains, this is a great place to feature your job vacancies!

To get your job advertised here, please email: help@wastelandski.com