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'The best thing about Wasteland is their ability to deliver such tailored trips – they listen to you and deliver what you want. Oh and they can organise a party!’ Imperial 2011/12

Trip Promotion

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This is where the contract gets just a little bit exciting!  First things first promo does not just equal committee perks and getting your hands on a shed load of free stuff…Okay well maybe it does a wee bit but trips are all about contracted numbers and promo plays a massive part in getting bums on coach seats and money in the bank.  It’s how you’ll reel people in at fresher’s fairs, get them hyped at launch parties and finally add that extra buzz to your social schedule out in resort.  All in all our phenomenal promo packages can give you, the committee, a huge helping hand in turning your standard trip into a complete sell out and the best your club has ever seen.

From the standard to the completely bespoke, we have a promo package to suit all budgets, trips and imaginations.  Everything can be completely customised with your club name and logo.  We love it when committees unleash a bit of creative flair, but if you’re all somewhat handicapped in that department, we have our very own in-house design whizz to transform scribbles in to promo gold that will give you a real professional edge.

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The Standard Package

Everything you need to get the vital stats out there and make your trip the hot topic of conversation around campus.

Standard Promo Packages Include:

Flyers and Posters; Perfect for plastering all over campus and handing out at fresher’s fairs.

PVC Banners; Fresher’s fairs are the same year in year out, up and down the country – a stressful afternoon of frenzied subscriptions and money grabbing that makes a Mumbai market look pretty chilled.  Banners will make your stall shine and get all those fresher’s signing up to the one club that really matters.  Plus they will help you own any bar or club at your trip launch party and out in resort.

Wasteland Lanyards and Wristbands; Wasteland trip staples that never fail to go down well in welcome packs, with wristbands, second only to the all important lift pass, always being the most coveted item in there.  To a student this is essential – it’s the golden ticket that when flashed at many a barman around resort will instantly shave a few Euros off your bar tab or perhaps even get you dibs on a few shooter bottles.  And just as a little bonus, committee will always be treated to VIP wristbands. For trip promo wristbands are a cracking selling point that will always come as standard so make sure it’s on those flyers and posters.  Aside from the obvious perks, for a bit of peace of mind wristbands detail the French and Wasteland emergency numbers.

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The Bespoke Package

The standard package is all well and good but we love it when committees delve in to their imaginations and come up with something a bit special to promote their trip! It’s all about creating hype and making trippers feel they’ve got just a little bit more for their money so if you have something in mind that you know your club would go mad for we’ll happily look in to it for you. Below are just a few of the things we’ve sourced in the past, all of which can be club branded.

Banners; want to go bigger and better than your standard PVC banner? Feather banners and club gazebos mean business and also help to make things like Party in the Park look great out in resort.

Trip Stash; Jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, bikinis, bandanas, snapbacks, socks, sunnies, underwear, onepieces & willyfinders, the list goes on and all can be club customised and made committee specific just for you guys.

Skis and Boards; Make brilliant raffle prizes – always a helping hand in getting people down to launch parties, pumped about the trip and signing up.

Promo Freebies; Tokens that get everyone involved, especially good as giveaways at fresher’s fairs – trip/fresher/beginner booklets, balloons, stickers, sweets, slushy machines, energy drinks, club lanyards…

Welcome Pack Goodies; They’ve just stepped off a 20 hour coach, show your trippers a little love by treating them to a few welcome gifts that can be handed out on the coach or be ready and waiting in their rooms. Past offerings include skittles vodka and crates of beer per room, condoms, playing cards, hip flasks, shot glasses, golf balls, bum boards, glow sticks, face paints and surprise fancy dress.

Social Promo; Looking to beef up your resort social schedule rather than just hitting a bar each night? We are always more than happy to get involved in any great ideas that you know will go down a storm with your club and help out with selling your trip. Within reason, anything can be done, from fancy dress Valley Ralleys on the mountain to Big Name Acts (…or the lesser known if you have something in mind), barrels of beer and jelly wrestling in the clubs. This is where we like to see imaginations start to run wild…challenge?!

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