Wasteland Ski, the original student tour operator. 20 years on still fresh and forward thinking

‘Outrageously fun and awesome experience as a first time skiier.’ UCLU Snowsports Tripper 2012/13


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There are two times in life that provide the ideal opportunity for taking your first tentative moves on snow.  For those who missed the boat when their fear knew no bounds, falling meant nothing and the sight of them snow ploughing was applauded, their chance is not gone…

Hitting the slopes for the first time is for most a pretty daunting prospect but with approximately 30% of our trippers doing it, Uni and club ski trips are the ideal time to take the plunge and this is where our Wasteland Ski Beginner Packages come in.  Here to make snowsports accessible to one and all by putting together insanely cheap beginner packages that include everything needed to convert a mountain virgin.

The Wasteland Beginner Package; designed to make getting on the snow as straight forward and cheap as possible.
  • Hire and Lesson combo bundles; 10 hrs of lessons and Bronze ski/board packages at a bargain price.
  • All lessons are booked with reputable ski schools that Wasteland has long standing relationships with and with whom we carefully select per resort ensuring you get the best possible service
  • English speaking instructors and groups of no more than 8 are a given and where possible we work hard to put trippers in their own exclusive groups.  This means you’ll all be together, lessons will be far less daunting and everyone will have a fair few laughs at each other’s expense.
  • Hire support pre-trip on our Pre Fit Campus visits.  First-timers will feel so much more confident and comfortable knowing your kit is fit pre travel- this really does make the experience so much more enjoyable and Wasteland can exclusively offer this.
  • Any questions?  Beginners can get in touch on a dedicated help line – beginners@wastelandski.com- no question is ever considered as not worth asking so get in touch about anything and we will help you!

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Other Lessons

Aside from getting the absolute beginners out there we can also provide lessons that cater for anyone who has done only a week or two all the way up to any budding freestylers.  Brush up on the basics, hit the park or perfect your off piste technique in 2 or 6 hour refresher courses at the start of your week.  Similarly to the Beginners packages these will in groups of no more than 8-10 taken by English speaking instructors.

During your booking process, there will be information tabs to help you choose which level lesson suits you best and if you ever have any questions, drop us an email at help@wastelandski.com