How it all Works
From signing on the dotted line to meeting up post trip to discuss feedback, here’s how it all works;

1) You’ve made the best choice for your group, you’ve signed with Wasteland!!! Once this is done we’ll set to work sorting every aspect of your trip and delivering everything we’ve promised you!

2) The planning is well underway, now it’s time to get out there and start promoting your trip!  Let our in-house design whizz sort you out with some awesome flyers and posters that will make your trip the hot topic of conversation on campus.

3) Fresher’s Fair, a day for a massive promotional push!  Use it to get people joining the club and to get all the trip details out there!  Let us provide some freebies or activities that will get people flocking to your stall, snowboard simulator anybody?

4) Trip Launch Party!  Always an awesome night if you do it right; fantastic for creating hype and setting a precedent for what’s to come in the Alps.  Get the jӓger in, give out some free stuff and open up bookings at midnight!

5) Booking goes live.  Post launch bookings will live up until 4 weeks before departure.  Throughout this period your dedicated account manager from Wasteland HQ will be on hand to answer any questions from both the committee and your trippers.

6) The countdown begins.  With 4 weeks to go, bookings will now close and we will get to work finalising every last detail.  During this time all trippers will be emailed with full information, rooms will be allocated and coach lists drawn up.  At 2 weeks to go, no more changes can be made and final e-tickets will be sent out to trippers.

7) One more sleep; SMS messages will be sent out to all trippers reminding them of final details for the following day.

8) T minus 1 hour, the day has finally arrived! Wasteland coach reps will arrive on campus 1 hour before your departure time to meet the committee and to get everyone aboard!

9) The journey begins…coaches will travel via your campus, central London and Dover before boarding the ferry and heading to the mountains!  Coach reps will be on hand the whole way to manage your journey and keep all trippers informed of what’s going on.

10) Supermarket stop.  Stock up on cheap booze and food before starting the climb up to resort.  Here reps will also distribute welcome packs containing lift passes and wristbands.

11) You’ve finally made it-Welcome to resort!  Your head rep will be ready and waiting to greet you, manage your key collection and hire pick up.  How about welcoming your trippers to resort in style with a welcome BBQ and a glass of vin chaud?

12) Room rounds.  Setting the standard for the rest of the week, reps will always be making their rounds on the first night to meet and greet their trippers, make sure they are settling in nicely and to give them all the details for that nights Welcome Party and for any lessons starting the following morning.

13) Let the fun commence.  Months of planning will be put in to place over the following days and reps will be on hand to be co-ordinating everything from beginner’s orientation and lessons to the party in the park and mountain meal.

14) Fingers crossed it’s been the week of your lives, but the time has come to head home.  As always, reps will be on hand to facilitate your departure and make sure everyone departs without a hitch.

15) Feedback is incredibly important to us, the week after your trippers return they will all be asked to complete an online survey.  After this we will hold a feedback meeting with the committee.  This is not only really helpful for us in the continual improvement of our service but also for you guys as it will let you know what your trippers truly thought of the trip and thus help you to make the following year’s even better!