F.S Blog 6 | GCU-tensils

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Welcome to Blog #6 for Future Sound. As what we in the office dub as “Season Part 1″ draws to a close and the last universities sneak a week on the slopes before lectures kick back in, we thought it was the perfect time to hear from another committee and reflect on 16/17 so far! Cue GCU (in your area). Read More

F.S Blog 5 | Middlesex & Sesh Prayers


Welcome to Blog #5 for Future Sound. We came out the other side of chatting to Bangor with more questions than we went in with… but that was to be expected. This time around we’ve Ben McCullough and Ben Edwards (Seshwards) from Middlesex University Snowsports Club committee or MUSC as they more often go by. Having learned a lot about Read More

F.S Blog 4 | #BangorGetNaked


Welcome to Blog #4 for Future Sound. We know having had 2 lovely catch ups with the likes of Brookes and Leeds, going in search of Bangor was a risky move. Not least so whilst cruising their facebook group’s photo library looking for something suitable to pinch as a headline image. Thankfully though we came out the other side of Read More

F.S Blog 3 | Strangers & Leeds Snowriders


Welcome to Blog #3 for Future Sound. Last time around we were talking to the Brookes Snow guys, this time we’re swapping stories with a couple of Leeds Snowriders Committee. As a club that runs both a christmas trip and a mega Easter trip, they are certainly a proactive bunch. Here’s what their Read More

F.S Blog 2 | Apres with Brookes Snow


Welcome to Blog #2 for Future Sound. Now we’ve brought you up to speed on who we are and what we’re about, we’re getting out there and chatting with committees to get the inside scoop on their apres habits!

To kick things off, we caught up with a couple of Read More

F.S Blog 1 | This is Future Sound.


The future snowsports generation, their sounds of the mountain? It all starts now!

Après. In English some fine folk translate this as the time where Read More

10 Ski Films I Watch Every Year

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Every year the snow drops away from the mountains and leaves us to wait until it returns again in the winter. Unless your chasing winter to the southern hemisphere chances are you’ll be relegated to the dry or indoor slopes we’re all too familiar with, don’t get Read More

El Dorado Festival 2016

El Dorado A1For a number of a years we have been working with the charismatic and creative party starters that are Cirque Du Soul. They have been coming out to the Alps and taking over everything from apres ski sessions to resort nightclubs in association with the UK student Snowsports scene. It’s been an incredible couple of seasons working with them and witnessing these events go off Every. Single. Time. It’s no secret that Read More

Laax Open 2016 Slopestyle




A Season To Remember…

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“dressed as a banana being chased by a pack of gorillas…” Read More